Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dan Nolan

Dan Nolan this Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM....Address is 2019 S 231 Des Moines, WA 98198 296 870-7360Mike De LorenzoDAN NOLAN is coming March 20-21 Friday and Saturday night Dan Scalf the brother who was a blessing two weeks ago, will also join uson the 21stwww.dannolanministries.org ~ Dan Nolan's Bio ~ Good Day Mate, Dan Nolan here. I was born in Australia, the GreatSouthland of the Holy Spirit, in 1952. I moved to the Unites States in1990 and currently reside with my wife, Charlotte, in Arizona. I was raised in Adelaide, Australia, in a very poor, dysfunctional andabusive family. After dropping out of school I became a street kid atage 15. By 19, I was a biker gang-leader, involved in drugs, rock ‘nroll, and the occult. When I was 21, I had a work accident that took meoff the job and in need of a major back operation. It was so sever thatthe doctors wanted to stick two rods up my back and that by age 39 Iwould be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I was angry, brokenand had no hope...and was not a born-again Christian.My brother eventually took me to a church that prayed for the sick. Thepreacher called me out by a word of knowledge, and God did an instant,creative miracle in my back. I was completely healed. Being overwhelmedwith God’s love, I accepted Christ into my heart, I was filled with theSpirit and I have loved God ever since.Shortly after, the Lord healed my mind from a learning disabilities andtold me to go back to school to complete my G.E.D. While completing myhigh school courses, I unexpectedly found myself laying in a hospitalwith a smashed foot, severely damaged, with many broken bones from asporting accident. The doctor said I would be in a cast, up to my hip,for 3 months, with more surgeries to follow and added that I wouldprobably walk with a limp the rest of my life. After the doctor left theroom, I prayed and told God if He would heal my ankle, I would telleveryone what He had done. Suddenly, a pillar of fire, came down fromthe ceiling and stood at the end of my bed, and out of it came the words,“I have called you to carry my healing anointing around the world.” Iwas then healed instantly. I was shocked at what I saw and undone bywhat I heard Him say I was called to do.I obtained my GED and went on to get a Technical Building College degreeand afterwards, entered and completed at a Business College. By the timeI was 34, I was working in middle management for one of Australia’sbiggest building companies and enjoying my success when God spoke to meto go into full time ministry. I obeyed and entered the ministry.During the ensuing time, I pioneered four churches in Australia, and wasordained by The Full Gospel Church in Australia for eight years beforecoming to the United States. I have traveled and ministered extensivelythroughout America, had several radio programs, ministered on TBN, wasthe main speaker for Sunday-night services, of a 3000 member church, for2 years running. I have been in full time ministry for over 23 years. Powerful signs and wonders have followed everywhere I minister to theGlory of God. We have recently renamed our organization to New Life inJesus Ministries.This ministry has seen the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, andcreative miracles happen. The wounded in body, soul and spirit aretouched by the anointing and the healing power of Jesus. The Holy Spiritmoves powerfully through this ministry releasing Words of Knowledge,prophesy and a wonderful miracle anointing. There are thousands ofamazing testimonies of how God has used this ministry to change lives,heal, deliver, revive, restore and set free! The Fire and Anointing ofthe Spirit moves powerfully in our meetings, all to Jesus be the GloryLen Phelp Friday and Saturday March 27-29Bree Keyton on Good Friday April 9th

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